Lardner and Moss Family

Lardner is an English name, derived from lardiner, meaning a bacon salter and
sometimes an overseer of pigs. In Ireland Lardner belongs principally to County
Galway where the Irish form of it is O Lorgnain. Families of Lardner unconnected
with Galway or neighbouring counties are probably of English origin.

Some of the variations of the Lardner name are:

The research on this family has been gathered from various connections in England,
Canada, the United States and Australia. The records used to prove the information are
the Civil Registration Records for England 1837-1983.

David Beames of England was very helpful in looking up Parish records to prove this
family, which dates back to the 1700s. Documentation has been proven with the certified
copies of the birth, marriage and death records where available.

We descend from William Lardner & Ann married about 1785.
Nataniel Lardner married Elizabeth Akers 27 May 1831 Oxford, England
Eli Lardner and Mary Ann Moss married 1 Dec 1856 in St. Mary Magdalene, Oxford,
England. They had 9 children and John was the youngest.

John Lardner of Charlbury, Oxford, England married Sarah Moss in the Parish of Merton,
County of Surrey, England Aug 4, 1901. Prior to 1907 John (Jack as he was known)
sailed from England and acquired a homestead in Lumsden, Saskatchewan. He busied
himself getting the home ready for his family. We know that Sarah and their two children
Arthur Frederick (Fred) born 14 Mar 1903 and Ivy Nellie born 27 May 1905 in Surrey,
England crossed the Atlantic on the Corsican Ship, Oct 1907. They were booked in
Steerage 21. They arrived in Montreal, Quebec from Liverpool where they took the train
to Moosejaw, Saskatchewan to meet Sarah’s husband John Lardner.

Soon after they lost their farm to a fire including Sarah’s English treasures she had
brought with her from England. As Jack was a carpenter he built a home in Moosejaw,
Saskatchewan where the family lived. Jack and Sarah had 11 children total but 2 of their
children died young and when they lost their son Fred to a terrible accident on the CPR
railroad tracks in Moosejaw in 1929 they moved their family to Gunn, Alberta.
Sarah and Jack moved back and forth between Edmonton and the Vancouver area.
They settled in Errington, British Columbia where they lived out the remainder of their

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