Guindon Family

THE GUINDON FAMILY In our database, we have the following spelling variations from France in the 1600’s:

  • Guesdon
  • Guédon
  • Gesdon
  • Guindon (the one most commonly used in our Quebec documents)

In the late 1800’s the Quebec family name Guindon remained a common name in Quebec. It was Anglicized to various spellings as families migrated from Quebec to other provinces and across the border into the United States:

Yada Yandreau
Yaddow Yeaudon
Yanda Yedan
Yandan Yeddan
Yandaw Yeddo
Yandeau Yedon
Yandeu Yondau
Yando Yondeau
Yandoh Yonden
Yandon Yondon


Pierre “Guesdon” the son of “François Guesdon” and Marie Molay was baptized in St. Pierre du Martray on 24 September 1622, Ville du Loudun, Vienne, Poitou-Cherentes, France. Pierre and his older brother Jean, both of whom were butchers, left Loudun for New France. On Aug 6, 1688 Pierre was hired by François Hazeur, to work at a water mill under construction at la Malbaie, at the mouth of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River. Pierre’s brother Jean returned to Loudun, France, married Françoise Guesdon and died at 29 years of age 25 Sep 1698 before the birth of his first son Jean Guesdon.

Source: Guindon Newsletter #23 (Guesdon of Loudun, France by Edwin Bezzina)

Pierre Guédon aged 42 years married Catherine Breza aged 27 years 21 Nov 1706 at the Notre Dame Church in Montreal, Quebec. Neither could read nor write. Catherine and Pierre had three children; all baptized at St-Francois-de-Sales Parish on the Isle de Jesus, Laval, Quebec (New France).

1. Jean Guindonb Sept 15, 1707  d 30 May 1775

2. Pierre Guindon b July 6 1708  d Oct 1709

3. Paul Guindon born 21 Aug 1710  d 5 Oct  1748

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