Touching Testimonials for Artist JEAN-YVES GUINDON

In front of a hundred people from the l’Outaouais of the municipality of St-Andre-Avellin a tribute plate was unveiled in honor of the artist Jean-Yves Guindon.

In his speech, Mayor Jean-René Career stressed the importance of “the contribution and influence of the artist and his art to the cultural, social and community aspect of the municipality and the Outaouais.”

Photographs of Funeral Cooperative of Ottawa and Daniel Rollin

Known figures from politics, business, community and culture testified their gratitude to the artist for his constant involvement in various causes and levels of society:

Denis Tassé, accomplished businessman in Gatineau, Pierre Bernier, architect of the cultural policy of the MRC Papineau, Paulette Lalande former prefect of the MRC Papineau and former mayor of Piacenza, Alain Hamel, president of the Association Handicapped Papineau.

The Guindon thank the municipality and all the people present at the tribute.

Jeannette Guindon-Veillette for:


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