2018 Guindon Reunion!

Please Note: The 2018 Reunion, November 9 – 11, 2018 in TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA HAS BEEN POSTPONED until further notice.  Click here 


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2018 GUINDON Newsletter

You’ll need to check the latest Guindon Journal  2018 #53 for the Guindon reunion in Temecula, California.

Our ancestor Francois Guesdon was born in 1622 in the town of Loudun, Poitou, France. His son, Pierre b 1662, sailed to New France, Canada. The name was modified to the various spellings from the original.

Whether it is the Guesdon of France OR the Guindons/Yandeaus of Canada and the United States the descendants of these families will meet in California’s Temecula Valley to celebrate our eighth gathering of this great family in 2018.


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ETQC Spring 2017 Newsletter Posted

You’ll need to check the latest newsletter. There’s a great story inside of how a DNA test led to a three continent family connection.

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Summer 2017 Updates

Recently updated information includes:

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Response to resignation

I recently sent an email to the Guindon membership outlining my plans to resign my position. Some of you responded to the email shown below. Further down I have listed some of the responses I received and want to give thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate.

It has been a great journey!
I have met so many wonderful “family” connections since I began this journey over 35 years ago to trace our Guindon roots.
You will always have a special place in my “memory bank.”
My hope was to connect with a “Loudun” Guindon relative but ce que sera sera.

All the best, until we meet again. Laverne

tout le meilleur
jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons

Hello to All

It is with some regret that I am writing this email. We have had a busy summer and now it is time to share my decision on the Guindon membership after a lot of thought. This is to inform you that I will no longer be organizing the Guindon reunions but I hope someone will come forward to carry on the tradition.

The Guindon Journal will continue to be published and posted for you to enjoy on this site.


January 27, 2017 Joyce Moore

Dear Laverne,

This is in response to your note that you are retiring. I just want to tell you what an admirable job you have done all these years spear-heading the reunions and initiating the research about the Yandeau family. I was glad I was in on it close to the beginning even though I didn’t carry on. I think I remember you phoning me and saying “I am your second cousin.” Is that how it was? And then I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing you. Good luck on the next phase of your life  – perhaps your French course. Don and I are as well as can be expected. Speaking of family, since both of us will have 80th birthdays within the next year we are having a reunion of our family (16 of us) in Prince Edward County in June. My brother Dennis and Gail are still on the farm. I wanted my grandchildren to see the place where their grandma grew up. We are all looking forward to it.

Our best wishes, Joyce (and Don)

January 27, 2017 Jean-Yves Guindon

Merci Laverne pour vos voeux … et les liens de tous les “Newsletter”!

J’ai y retracé, dans celui mois d’août 2000, la réunion à Hammond avec les photos et les mentions de mon nom. Mais ma plus grande surprise et la plus “émotive” a été celle d’y voir mon père Marcel Guindon dans le “purple group”. Il est décédé 2 ans après. Il m’avait bien dit qu’il y avait été et avait adoré alors que moi j’étais en exposition à St-André-Avellin à ces dates. Je ne pouvais pas m’y rendre malheureusement.

Merci pour ces beaux souvenirs. À bientôt et Joyeuses Fêtes!

Debra Fox (Yandeau line)

Thank you, Laverne, for all that you have done keeping the Yandeau/Guindon name alive. You have given selflessly your time and your knowledge to every newsletter (at least 2 per year and sometimes 4 per year) without complaint nor compensation for the many hours it took. I also am very grateful for your dedication to the ancestors of our name. Thank you for bringing all the many lines of Yandeau, Guindon, Guesdon, Yondau, etc etc together and making us one family throughout history and for future generations in many many years to come. I, too, will make myself available for reunions of the future. I regret that I cannot take the responsibility of being the chair but absolutely will be available for consulting, helping organize, and basically wherever I can be of assistance. Thank you, Debra

Laverne, you have given me great memories from this last reunion. I met a lot of cousins that inspired me to travel–with my wife–to Ontario and Quebec and see so much family history and I still have contact information.  Your Hoosier Cousin–Archie

Hi Laverne
I would like to congratulate you on your absolutely fantastic work over the decades for your family, and in respect, my children and grandchildren!
You have been so dedicated to the cause, so in-tune to everything that is so amazing.  You have achieved so much for so many people, now and in the future.
I extend our congratulations to you, and probably congratulations are a short fall of what could and should be said.
Your work will be known for centuries, past on and on.  Job done! Love from us Janice

NO regrets Laverne. You have gone over and above what anyone else would do. Thank you for all your hard work….Pat

You have given me great memories from this last reunion, and I met a lot of cousins and was inspired to travel–with my wife–to Ontario and Quebec and see so much family history, and still have contact information. Your Hoosier Cousin—Archie

So sorry to hear that you are retiring.  I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done.  It has been a pleasure getting to know some of my Guindon cousins.  From your research, I have found 19 daughters from my mom’s side and 15 on my dad’s side. Plus, a couple of soldiers. Thanks again, Bonnie

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Latest ETQC eNewsletter Posted

There’s a new menu item on the site! Soon all of the ETQC past eNewsletters will be posted for your review. Check out the 2016 Spring Issue!

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Pierre Guesdon – From Loudun, France to Ile-Jesus, New-France

UPDATED 09/15/2016


Interested? Read the Article!

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Reunion Review

famreuniongroupWhat an amazing journey! So many serendipitous moments – connecting with family, finding some answers and touring both Quebec and France in search of family history. Keep posted for the updates that will soon follow.

Be sure to fill in the survey!


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New France

I recently read an article by Jacques Mathieu about the creation of New France.

This article outlines the development of New France after the exploration journeys of Christopher Columbus, John Cabot and the Corte-Real brothers. These journeys lead to a follow up by Jacque Cartier for the country of France by placing a cross on the shores of the Gaspe peninsula in 1534 in the name of the King of France.


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Treesearcher.ca is home to Laverne Aitchison. Her current work includes her own interest in the Guindon/Yandeau family as well as the Aitchison family.

Information on this site is continually updated to reflect the genealogy information that is gathered and critically reviewed for the families mentioned above.

Should you wish to contact Laverne, please fill out the form provided on our Contact Page.

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